Raymer Family Dog Training offers professional animal training services using reward-based training methods for families and their pet dogs and cats.


Our training can help you…

  • Solve problems, make life easier, and have fun

Pets are fun, but we understand their behavior can be frustrating and stressful to people at times. We can help you teach new behaviors, so you can have more freedom to enjoy activities with your pets again.

  • Better understand your dog/cat

At each lesson we’ll discuss learning, motivation, behavior, and body language supported by animal behavior science. We’ll help you sort through animal training myths, so you can truly understand your dog and cat. 

  • Build the strongest possible bond with your pet dog or cat

Positive reinforcement training can enhance your communication and help you form a special bond with your canine and feline best friend. Our training is geared toward helping you achieve your dream pet. 

  • Utilize safe training methods

We use the most advanced, family-friendly, reward-based training techniques that are humane, fun, and effective. Our training focuses on the results you need, while providing for your individual pet’s well-being. 

  • Receive follow-up support

We love working with people and animals. We’re here to help anytime. 

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Private Lessons

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Our private lessons are conveniently available in your home, or other pre-arranged places such as dog parks and greenway trails.

These work well for all types of behaviors, breeds, and ages.

We can customize a perfect program for your needs.


$120/hour lesson.

$100/hour lesson – for pets adopted from the SPCA of Wake County, NC.

All training lessons come with:

  • Customized training plans individualized for your pets.
  • Behavior articles
  • Follow-up support through email/phone


We work with all types of dog and cat behavior:

Foundation Behaviors – sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, drop it, walking on-leash, go in crate, go to mat.

Behavior Problems – barking, pulling on leash, chewing, digging, jumping on people, jumping on counters, impulse control, house training issues, play biting/nipping, food stealing, submissive or excitement urination.

Fear – of sounds, objects, people, other dogs, and separation anxiety (afraid of being left alone), and fear or dislike of body handling/touch (for example at veterinary examinations).

Aggression – resource guarding (protective or possessive over food, toys, objects, locations, or people), dog-to-dog aggression (play problems, bullying, or fighting other dogs), and aggression towards people.

Reactivity – on-leash barking, lunging, or biting; fence barking/fighting.

Trick Training – clicker training, sit up, play bow, shake paws, retrieve, crawl, spin, and more!

Puppy Socialization and Training – crate training, house training, obedience, tricks, fear/aggression/behavior problem prevention.

Kids and Dogs – management strategies to keep the whole family safe and happy, tricks, games, integrating dogs/cats into the family, introducing pets to babies/kids.

Cat Training – foundation behaviors, trick training, behavior problems, fear and aggression. Introductions to other cats or dogs in the family.

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Online Training Courses

Dog and Puppy Training – Online Course

This Class is In Production. Check back for updates in September 2019.

  • Foundation behaviors
  • Tricks
  • Reactivity
  • Solving other behavior problems
  • Enrichment
  • And more!

Cat Training – Online Course

  • Foundation behaviors, tricks, solving behavior problems, and enrichment.
  • Check back for updates next year.
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“Dan is a fantastic positive reinforcement trainer that Derby absolutely loves working with. I met with 5 trainers before deciding to work with Dan. He had a great rapport with Derby from the start and he took the time to explain his method of training. He also does the training at my house which works best for me. He works with Derby and then shows me what he did so I can work on it with Derby between visits. Derby seems to know when Dan is coming and he is so excited to see him…every time! He has learned so many commands and he has also worked with him on enrichment activities (i.e. games, puzzles, etc.). I highly recommend Dan but also know from how they interact that Derby does too!”


Tracy Mitchelson and Derby the Lurcher


“Dan is a superb trainer with a solid understanding of animal learning and a commitment to using modern science based methods. He is skilled in assessing behavior and his user-friendly instructions will make the training process easy for owners to understand and follow. I highly recommend Dan, no matter what the issue he will be able to help.”

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Sarah Pennington, The Academy for Dog Trainers


“Dan worked with me and my dog Maggie on her anxiety issues. She is a very shy anxious dog who is afraid of strangers and terrified of men. Dan was incredibly patient with her and over the course of our sessions together she warmed up to him. Maggie and I are still working on her anxiety, but Dan encouraged us to keep at it, and we are making progress!”


Sarah and Maggie, Chapel Hill, NC


“I have been around dog trainers a long time, and could not recommend Dan Raymer more highly. He is a superb technician, with a stellar grasp of the intricacies of assessment, behavior and procedures and how they fit into the big picture of helping clients live successfully with their dogs. On a par with all this is his ethical compass. Dog training is still unregulated and there are pockets without qualified practitioners. Not so in Wake County, whose dogs and their guardians are in the best possible hands.”

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Jean Donaldson, Founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers


“Dan is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer. Not only did our dog learn a lot in his class, but as new “pet parents,” we did as well! Dan took the time to customize his teachings for each participant. He was a great resource for us in training our puppy. Not only did he come up with helpful training strategies, but he helped us understand the canine behavior behind what we were doing.”


Bob, Robin and Finn, Raleigh, NC