Raymer Family Dog Training News: October 2019

Raymer Family Dog Training’s Membership Program is officially back up and running.

Check it out here:

Subscribestar-Dan Raymer

If you enjoy our materials (blogs, videos, training handouts, etc.) and want to learn more about dog behavior and training, please support us by subscribing as a member. There’s plenty of other benefits as well.

In addition, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog for free to get updates on new posts. And it always helps us if you like and share them with your friends and family.

We are just getting started and will have plenty of dog training videos to come.

In addition, our Dog and Puppy Training online course is on its way towards completion. Enrollments will begin on October 15th. 

And of course there is Halloween on October 31


There has been a Murphy’s Law moment, and our Dog and Puppy Training online course enrollments will be delayed for an undetermined amount of time. Hopefully, not much longer than the original date posted above. Thanks for your patience, and we’ll post a new launch date as soon as possible. 


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