Raymer Family Dog Training News: March 2020

My dog, Mocha, turns 10 years-old this month. In honor of her, I’m creating a coupon for our online Dog and Puppy Training Class. Use the button below to enroll in the class with $50 off during March:

Here are the class details.

The class includes: puppy class material, obedience behaviors, tricks, solving ordinary behavior problems and involves as much coaching and help as you need.

In addition, my new videos and class creations will resume shortly. My pets ended up at the veterinary clinic plenty of times already this year resulting in a delay of other projects.

One of my Academy for Dog Trainer colleagues, Zazie Todd, has a new book out. If this is anything like her blog, it will be amazing and packed with dog behavior science. I can’t wait to read it.

By Dan Raymer, CTC, BS

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