Raymer Family Dog Training News: May 2020

Interested in Help Training Your Dogs?

Join our online dog and puppy training class. This is more than a simple do it yourself class. It’s designed for online learning, plus direct one-to-one help as much as needed to help you achieve your training goals.

The class details are here.

If you have additional questions, please let me know any time.

In addition, it looks like the pandemic/COVID-19 is slowly improving. Thank you to everyone who is patiently waiting for in-person private training lessons. If you would like to be added to our current list, you can still sign up now – email me at [raymerfamilydogtraining@gmail.com]. I will be contacting everyone in a first-come-first-serve type of process once I’m available for in-person dog training lessons.

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Whenever a dog’s environment/schedule changes drastically, it is possible for this to lead to separation anxiety: the phobia/fear of being left alone. For anyone that has been home and with their dog more often than normal due to the coronavirus but will be going back to work, make sure to gradually introduce your dog to time left alone again. Go out for very short trips while you leave your dog at home. You can start very slowly, leaving for a few minutes at a time, until it’s for an hour or few at a time. Make it a positive experience by placing some treats for your dog to eat as you leave.

If your dog already has separation anxiety, you’ll need a much more structured and comprehensive approach to solve the problem.

By Dan Raymer

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