9 Reasons Online Dog Training Can Help

1. You have a professional certified dog trainer on hand.

When a dog behavior problem pops up or you have random training questions, our online training program gives you the ability to receive help quickly. It avoids phone/email tag, and trying to coordinate busy schedules.

2. You have more time to digest new information.

In-person dog training can only deliver so much material in a relatively short period of time, and often times it’s while dog owners are trying to concentrate on multiple things: making sure the children behave, checking the food that’s for after the trainer leaves, worrying about the cleanliness of the home, watching their dog, listening to the trainer, and so on. It’s not necessarily the easiest or most conducive to learning set-up.

Online dog training bypasses all of that and allows you to collect the dog training info you need when you can focus all your attention on it, and you can rewatch the trainer-demonstrations as many times as needed.

3. Our online dog training programs are convenient.

Your dog can learn in very short sessions at your convenience. Many times professional dog trainers will train in 3-5 minute training sessions. With appropriate training procedure, which we can help you achieve, the results will build up relatively quickly. Once your dog succeeds, it will be reinforcing for you as well.

4. You will immediately receive the benefits of training.

The work doesn’t have to be transferred to you, where you then have to learn to follow skills. You’ll already know what to do in real life situations from the beginning.

5. You will build a strong bond with your dog.

You will gain your dog’s attention and form a stronger bond over time, rather than when a trainer works in-person with your dog and the dog bonds with the trainer instead. It avoids the “trainer effect” where the dog behaves one way when the trainer is present, and then another way or worse at other times. Online dog training gets your dog to respond to you right from the start.

6. Online dog training is more affordable.

Online training programs eliminate the extra traveling expenses normally built into in-person programs.

7. Online dog training can be better for dogs with fearful, reactive, and aggressive behavior.

You don’t have to worry if your dog is right for in-person group classes. We can start right away from the safety and comfort of your dog’s home. This is advantageous for many behavioral problems including house-training issues, reactivity, fear of people, and more.

8. Online dog training provides many different avenues of assistance.

We can communicate through online class platforms, email, and videos (you can send video of your dog’s behavior for assessments and feedback), etc.

9. Online dog training provides safety during current times.

We no longer have to fret over whether meeting in-person will spread coronavirus in order to achieve your dog training goals. And while we may be physically distanced, we can connect through our online training program to socialize and discuss all things related to our canine best friends.

By Dan Raymer

One thought on “9 Reasons Online Dog Training Can Help

  1. While training can occur in several different contexts, most professional dog trainers work with dogs as well as provide education for dog owners. Our online training program (Canine Academy) allows us to give more advice and help over a longer period of time than a few in-person training lessons, which leads to better, longer lasting results.


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