Raymer Family Dog Training News: October 2020

Canine Academy Updates

The SPCA of Wake County’s Pet Behavior Network discount is now available for our Canine Academy. See the details here. This applies to anyone who adopts a dog from the SPCA. If you’re thinking about adopting a new dog, it is an excellent organization with lovely pets.

If you enjoy reading our blog/articles and want more free videos on YouTube, consider signing up for a monthly Canine Academy membership as it supports those projects as well as all the other dog training benefits.

Next Up

In November I’m going to start providing animal behavior and training book reviews. If you would like to read along, we will start with a new book: Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Next Generation Treatment Protocols and Practices by Malena DeMartini-Price.

Does anyone have fun Halloween traditions with their pets? Usually Mocha will get a longer-lasting chew treat (probably a frozen peanut butter Kong this Halloween), while I pass out candy or watch a scary movie. Let us know your pet plans for Halloween below.

By Dan Raymer

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