Dog Training Test for Fun!

When you choose an answer, it will provide immediate feedback on whether that is the correct or incorrect choice.

1. When training animals, treats are one of the best forms of motivation and rewards.
2. A person has to provide some type of motivation in order to train dogs.
3. Skilled dog trainers can guarantee behavior results.
4. If a dog is upset, what is the correct training path?
5. Growling is normal dog communication behavior.
6. Dogs will crouch into a bow position to indicate:
7. When training new behaviors, you should use a high rate of reinforcement (ROR).
8. What is feeding for position?
9. You have to use a clicker to train new behaviors.
10. What are cues?
11. When using a clicker, you should:
12. You have to reward every behavior forever
13. Puppy socialization should include:
14. You should rub your puppy's nose in his house-training mistakes.
15. You have to crate train a puppy.
16. Crate training is:
17. You should allow dogs to sniff on walks.
18. Training with rewards is enrichment (a fun activity) for dogs.
19. What are the 3-D's in dog training?
20. Dominance plays a huge role in dog behavior.
21. What are the four quadrants of operant conditioning?
22. Classical conditioning is an important type of learning in dog training.
23. Positive reinforcement methods work for training:
24. You must train your dog every obedience behavior to have a well-trained dog.
25. Dogs are always learning whether we are training or not.

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