Summer Reading List

Summer is here! If you’re looking for some summer reading, the following is a list of dog behavior and training books we recommend.

The Culture Clash: A revolutionary new way of understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs by Jean Donaldson

This concise book is packed with behavior knowledge. For anyone who has wanted to understand why dogs behave in the manner they do, this book explains it along with relevant dog training concepts.

Don’t Shoot the Dog! The New Art of Teaching and Training by Karen Pryor

This book covers learning and training, focusing on operant conditioning – animal learning via consequences. One excellent factor in the book is the inclusion of many examples of training for different animal species.

Life Skills for Puppies: Laying the foundation for a loving, lasting relationship by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills

This one covers puppy socialization and training, broken into nice sections of skills. If there is one thing to add to it, it would be the inclusion of pairing experiences with treats to make sure positive associations are formed.

Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide To Understanding Your Best Friend by Lili Chin

We have covered this book in the past. Check it out here! Learning to read communication signals dogs deliver is of utmost importance for many reasons, including making sure they are comfortable, free from fear and pain, and for dog bite prevention. This is a nice, succinct book of illustrations to help with reading dog behavior and body language.

By Dan Raymer

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