Crate Training Success

Hayley recently had surgery to remove a lump. Veterinarians advise keeping dogs calm after surgeries, allowing rest in order to fully recover from the process. Because Hayley had crate training since she was an adolescent, she enjoys resting in her crate and could handle the extra post-surgery time in there without fear. The crate already represented a safe place for her, and she also had training for her to comfortably rest in it for longer periods of time. Without pre-training this behavior, she would have had a much harder time relaxing and recovering from her surgery. Thus, this is a perfect example of how you can utilize positive reinforcement training to improve your dog’s life, to decrease fearful situations, and to make daily life situations easier for you.

Here is Hayley after recovering from her surgery, choosing to go in the crate and sleep on her own. She was not given a signal to enter the crate, and the door is open for her to leave anytime.

September 1, 2020

Canine Academy is now available!

It includes dog training classes with written content and videos.

It includes help from professional certified dog trainers.

It provides support for the creation of new, additional videos in both the Academy and on our Youtube channel.

And more.

Click here for more information.

Raymer Family Dog Training News: August 2020

Raymer Family Dog Training has excellent news! As a dog training professional, I have always wanted to help as many dogs and their people as possible: to get better behavior results through training, and improve each dog’s well-being, while helping pet owners learn how to make life easier with their dogs. To accomplish this, we have a brand new program launching soon.

Canine Academy, a membership program, will include videos, written content, and the ability to ask questions when needed. Some of the great benefits are a more affordable program, the ability to register on a monthly basis to use as long as needed, and increased amount of new content over time. The original content includes the equivalent to Puppy 1, Puppy 2, Dog Obedience/Manners 1, Dog Obedience/Manners 2, and Tricks classes. We are working on adding Reactive Dog Behavior and Training 1 and 2 class materials in the future.

This should make our classes more accessible to adopters from animal shelters and rescues as well, which has always been a passion of mine.

Subscriptions to Canine Academy open on September 1, 2020.

By Dan Raymer

Transparency in Dog Training

This is an excellent video by the Academy for Dog Trainers illustrating the state of the dog training profession and how to choose a professional trainer that will help rather than hurt your dog.

Here is an example of appropriate answers to the three questions:

What exactly will happen to my dog when she gets it right?

Your dog will receive rewards to positively reinforce the behavior.

What exactly will happen to her when she gets it wrong?

Nothing, or the reward or opportunity to earn the reward will be removed for that specific trial.

Are there any less invasive alternatives to what you propose?

No. Giving or taking away rewards does not hurt or scare dogs.

By Dan Raymer