Notes for Pierce’s Article About Ultrasonic Devices

This is a very good article by Jessica Pierce: “Are Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices Really Safe and Humane?“ One point of correction at the end of it: their following statement is incorrect. “Food treats are good to start with but as training progresses your dog should recognise verbal praise and a pat as a treat.”Continue reading “Notes for Pierce’s Article About Ultrasonic Devices”

Explanation for Purely Positive, R+, and Punishment Training

Note: R+ is a symbol for positive reinforcement. Sometimes people will try to deter others away from positive reinforcement training by claiming there is no purely positive training, or it does not work. This is really a non-argument, though. Behaviors can be trained with errorless learning, where the behavior is broken down into enough partsContinue reading “Explanation for Purely Positive, R+, and Punishment Training”

I Tried It, But It Did Not Work

Intro There’s a common phrase in dog training: “training is simple but it isn’t easy.” When broken down into larger functions, we are rewarding behaviors with treats and toys (sounds pretty simple), but in order to correctly train solid behaviors long-term we need to have a broad knowledge of concepts including topics like biology andContinue reading “I Tried It, But It Did Not Work”