Addressing Anti-Puppy Socialization Ideas

There are many anti-socialization posts these days. Please ignore anti-puppy socialization messages. Read below to learn why. Some of the main anti-socialization points are in the blue headings below, with my comments addressing them after that. Anti-Socialization Claim 1 – Socializing your puppy around other dogs and/or people is the worst way to get herContinue reading “Addressing Anti-Puppy Socialization Ideas”

Puppy Socialization for Halloween

Pre-Halloween In the days leading up to Halloween complete your normal, daily puppy socialization activities. Expose your puppy to positive experiences with other puppies, friendly adult dogs, things/objects in the environment, veterinary procedures and gentle body handling, etc. Two main socialization strategies to apply: Habituation – allowing your puppy to view and experience things passively,Continue reading “Puppy Socialization for Halloween”