Raymer Family Dog Training: Fall News 2021

CLASSES Online dog training classes for pet owners are now available through Dog Training + dogtraining-plus.com TREATS We have created a new page that has treat recipes and some of our recommended treats that work well for training. link to page here (or you can find it in the header above). October 31 Happy Halloween!Continue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training: Fall News 2021”

Addressing Anti-Puppy Socialization Ideas

There are many anti-socialization posts these days. Please ignore anti-puppy socialization messages. Read below to learn why. Some of the main anti-socialization points are in the blue headings below, with my comments addressing them after that. Anti-Socialization Claim 1 – Socializing your puppy around other dogs and/or people is the worst way to get herContinue reading “Addressing Anti-Puppy Socialization Ideas”

Gift Cards

Raymer Family Dog Training’s Canine Academy has Christmas puppies and dogs covered – with house-training, puppy bite inhibition training, socialization, foundation/obedience behaviors, and more! To get one of our new gift cards, simply email us at: raymerfamilydogtraining@gmail.com Or use the form on our contact page. We will include a Christmas holiday discount for annual subscribersContinue reading “Gift Cards”

Puppy Socialization for Halloween

Pre-Halloween In the days leading up to Halloween complete your normal, daily puppy socialization activities. Expose your puppy to positive experiences with other puppies, friendly adult dogs, things/objects in the environment, veterinary procedures and gentle body handling, etc. Two main socialization strategies to apply: Habituation – allowing your puppy to view and experience things passively,Continue reading “Puppy Socialization for Halloween”