Transparency in Dog Training

This is an excellent video by the Academy for Dog Trainers illustrating the state of the dog training profession and how to choose a professional trainer that will help rather than hurt your dog. Here is an example of appropriate answers to the three questions: What exactly will happen to my dog when she getsContinue reading “Transparency in Dog Training”

Is Treat Training Bribery?

Correct training utilizing treats as rewards does not equal bribery. Here’s why. In order to teach dogs behaviors some form of motivation is required. Breaking this down into larger groups the options are: the carrot or the stick, or a combination of the two. The so called “stick” is motivation by application of harsh punishments.Continue reading “Is Treat Training Bribery?”

Raymer Family Dog Training News: May 2020

Interested in Help Training Your Dogs? Join our online dog and puppy training class. This is more than a simple do it yourself class. It’s designed for online learning, plus direct one-to-one help as much as needed to help you achieve your training goals. The class details are here. If you have additional questions, pleaseContinue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training News: May 2020”

4 Training Tips to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

1. Remove aversive training methods and interactions with your dog. Basically this means don’t do things that scare, hurt, or startle your dog, because these will lead to more behavior problems. See our complete list of methods to avoid. 2. Increase enrichment activities for your dog – this means supplying fun activities for him toContinue reading “4 Training Tips to Solve Dog Behavior Problems”

Raymer Family Dog Training News: April 2020

In-Person Dog Training Thank you to everyone that is patiently waiting for in-person dog training lessons. It appears that things are improving with the virus. Hopefully sometime in May, or soon after, everything will be back to normal. As soon as it is, I will contact each of you to schedule your dogs’ lessons. ConvenientContinue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training News: April 2020”