Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs

Trainers who use unsafe training techniques (force-training, balanced training consisting of harsh corrections, usually with but not limited to choke chains, prong collars, and remote shock collars), often times spread disinformation. One of these core messages they use to discourage people from using positive reinforcement training methods is the claim that reward-trainers kill dogs. ThisContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs”

Happy Easter!

We have beautiful weather in North Carolina. The greenery is showing up in full spring blooming, it remains relatively cool, and there’s plenty of people and dogs enjoying walks in the neighborhood. Despite the virus shutting down many of our normal holiday places, I’m hoping everyone can find some peace and happiness on this specialContinue reading “Happy Easter!”

Starving a Dog is Not Part of Positive Reinforcement Training

Misinformation led to the idea that professional animal trainers utilizing treat rewards starve a dog prior to commencing a training session or program. Where did this idea originate? Some of the older operant conditioning experiments kept an animal hungry in order to increase motivation for food, although this was not true of all the experiments.Continue reading “Starving a Dog is Not Part of Positive Reinforcement Training”


Three core steps to house-train your puppy or dog. 1. Reward First, in order to increase the desired behavior (your puppy eliminating outdoors), you will need to reinforce the behavior. Accompany him outside and praise and reward with a treat after he goes. It’s better to wait until he finishes completely, otherwise your praise mightContinue reading “House-training”

Learning and Training Your Dog from Home

As the current virus pandemic spreads, our institutions are shutting down or people are self-quarantining (probably a good thing to decrease contamination as much as possible). The good news: if you need dog training help, we have an online dog and puppy training class, and just recently upgraded our distance consulting services, where you canContinue reading “Learning and Training Your Dog from Home”