Raymer Family Dog Training News: October 2019

Raymer Family Dog Training’s Membership Program is officially back up and running. Check it out here: Subscribestar-Dan Raymer If you enjoy our materials (blogs, videos, training handouts, etc.) and want to learn more about dog behavior and training, please support us by subscribing as a member. There’s plenty of other benefits as well. In addition,Continue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training News: October 2019”

Dog Bite Prevention

Introduction to Dog Bites: The good news about serious dog bites is that they are a relatively rare occurrence, and deaths resulting from them are even rarer, especially considering just how many pet dogs exist. In the USA, 40% of households have a dog (Mills, 2017, p. 391). Dr. Ian Dunbar, who created a DogContinue reading “Dog Bite Prevention”

Dog Training Course Coming Soon

Prior to my enrollment in the Academy for Dog Trainers, my dream goal was to create online dog training courses. As a student I preferred to take online courses for many reasons, including the convenience of studying at home when I wanted as opposed to set class days and times with travel, and understood theContinue reading “Dog Training Course Coming Soon”

Does Using “No” Work?

One of the more common questions I get asked is about whether telling your dog “No” works to train them. Do Dogs Speak English? It’s worth noting that when we speak words to our dogs, they do not inherently know what each word or phrase means. Over time they start to associate words with eventsContinue reading “Does Using “No” Work?”

Six Steps to Train Your Dog

1. Get the right equipment: A harness, leash, treats, something to hold treats like a bait bag/pouch, toys, and clicker (is optional since you can also mark behavior with a chosen word). A harness is a necessity for dogs walking on leash. Since the leash will clip to a back connection (or front connection, usuallyContinue reading “Six Steps to Train Your Dog”