Education and Credentials

Dan Raymer


  • Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) with Honors – The Academy for Dog Trainers with Jean Donaldson
  • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Applied Animal Behavior – North Carolina State University
  • Certified Dog Walker – Dogbiz (formerly dogTEC) Dog Walking Academy


  • Dog Trainer Program – Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior
  • Dog Trainer Foundations – Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior
  • Survive and Thrive – Dogbiz


  • BATting 1000: BAT for Dog Reactivity, Fear, and Aggression in Dogs – Grisha Stewart
  • Sirius Four Day Academy – Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Give Your Puppy a Choice – Grisha Stewart
  • Master the Growlies – Veronica Boutelle and Kim Moeller
  • Leading the Pack – Veronica Boutelle, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Kelly Ryan, and Trish King
  • Obedience FUNdamentals – Hannah Branigan
  • Problem Solving – Ken Ramirez
  • Train At the Next Level – Veronica Boutelle and Jean Donaldson
  • Coaching People to Train Their Dogs – Terry Ryan
  • The Art of Trick Dogging – Emily Larlham
  • How Police K9 Techniques Can Transform Your Everyday Training – Steve White
  • Improve Your I-Cue: Learn the Science of Signals – Kathy Sdao
  • Improving the Shelter Experience for Animals and Staff – Molly Stone
  • Enrichment and Why Your Dog Needs It – Angie Neal
  • Plenty in Life is Free: An Alternative to Rank-based Training Models – Kathy Sdao
  • Behavior Evaluation of Pit Bulls – Pamela Reid
  • Survival Skills: Coping with Dog Reactivity in Real Life – Grisha Stewart
  • Rescue and Shelter Volunteer Training Workshop – Ana Melara
  • Rocket Recall – Brad Waggoner and Lisa Lyle Waggoner
  • Reinforcement Strategies: How to Use Non-food Reinforcers Effectively – Ken Ramirez
  • Confrontational Behavior: Modification and Training Techniques – James Ha
  • Bully For You: What to Expect from Bullies and What They Need – Trish King
  • Lassie Come! How to Get Your Dog to Come Every Time You Call – Patricia McConnell
  • Canine Fear, Aggression, and Play – Jean Donaldson
  • The Gift of the Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs – Kathy Sdao and Lori Stevens

*Note: this is a list of my educational experience, and not necessarily an endorsement of any of these individual listings, especially not any that promote training methods other than positive reinforcement/reward-based training.