Private Lessons

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Our private lessons are conveniently available in your home, or other pre-arranged places such as dog parks and greenway trails.

These work well for all types of behaviors, breeds, and ages.

We can customize a perfect program for your needs.


$120/hour lesson.

$100/hour lesson – for pets adopted from the SPCA of Wake County, NC.

All training lessons come with:

  • Customized training plans individualized for your pets.
  • Behavior articles
  • Follow-up support through email/phone


We work with all types of dog and cat behavior:

Foundation Behaviors – sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, drop it, walking on-leash, go in crate, go to mat.

Behavior Problems – barking, pulling on leash, chewing, digging, jumping on people, jumping on counters, impulse control, house training issues, play biting/nipping, food stealing, submissive or excitement urination.

Fear – of sounds, objects, people, other dogs, and separation anxiety (afraid of being left alone), and fear or dislike of body handling/touch (for example at veterinary examinations).

Aggression – resource guarding (protective or possessive over food, toys, objects, locations, or people), dog-to-dog aggression (play problems, bullying, or fighting other dogs), and aggression towards people.

Reactivity – on-leash barking, lunging, or biting; fence barking/fighting.

Trick Training – clicker training, sit up, play bow, shake paws, retrieve, crawl, spin, and more!

Puppy Socialization and Training – crate training, house training, obedience, tricks, fear/aggression/behavior problem prevention.

Kids and Dogs – management strategies to keep the whole family safe and happy, tricks, games, integrating dogs/cats into the family, introducing pets to babies/kids.

Cat Training – foundation behaviors, trick training, behavior problems, fear and aggression. Introductions to other cats or dogs in the family.

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