Reactive Dog Behavior and Training Course

This Class is in production. We are currently working on phase 1 of 3.

Reactive dog behavior includes pulling, lunging on leash, barking, growling, and exhibiting unfriendly behavior towards others.

This behavior can be directed toward other dogs, people, vehicles, objects with wheels (skateboards, bikes, baby strollers, etc.), or other things in the environment.

Class Curriculum:

Start Here:

  • Introduction
  • What you will need
  • Equipment explanation
  • How animal training works – animal learning
  • Understanding reactive behavior, empathy, and training methods
  • Dog body language and behavior
  • Dog training skills and rules
  • Marker/clicker training


  • Enrichment activities

Teaching Behaviors:

  • Attention behavior
  • Eye contact-focus behavior
  • Sit
  • Come when called (aka recall)
  • Leave it
  • Walking on leash (loose leash walking)
  • Targeting behavior
  • Find it behavior
  • Stay for impulse control

Reactive Behavior:

  • Types of reactive behavior
  • Upset thresholds and trigger stacking
  • Evaluation of training techniques for reactivity/fear/aggression
  • Redirected biting

Muzzle Training:

  • Muzzles – when to use and how to train acceptance

Reactivity Training On-Leash:

  • Management – avoiding triggers
  • Utilizing a fake dog
  • Reactive training – train on the go
  • Reactive training – set-ups
  • Reactive training – creating positive associations
  • Using dogs for set-ups (what dogs to use and how to recruit them)
  • Reactive training – using behaviors incompatible with reactivity
  • Reactive training – loose leash walking past triggers
  • Reactive training – leave it
  • Using toy rewards

Reactivity Training in Other Situations:

  • Fence fighting
  • Reactive behavior in vehicles


  • Puppies and spooky barking – (socialization and building positive associations)

Additional Topics/Concepts:

  • Reactive behavior Q&A
  • Warming up in training vs. cold trials
  • Proofing behavior – taking training to its completion
  • Keeping records – journal of progress
  • How and when to let dogs greet

Training Terms:

  • Dictionary of training terms