Reactive Dog Behavior and Training Course

This Course is in production. We will have updates in 2020.

Course Curriculum:

Start Here:

  • Introduction
  • What you will need
  • Equipment explanation
  • How animal training works – animal learning
  • Understanding reactive behavior, empathy, and training methods
  • Dog body language and behavior
  • Dog training skills and rules
  • Marker/clicker training


  • Enrichment activities

Teaching Behaviors:

  • Attention behavior
  • Eye contact-focus behavior
  • Sit
  • Come when called (aka recall)
  • Leave it
  • Walking on leash (loose leash walking)
  • Targeting behavior
  • Find it game
  • Stay for impulse control

Reactive Behavior:

  • Types of reactive behavior
  • Upset thresholds and trigger stacking
  • Evaluation of training techniques for reactivity/fear/aggression
  • Redirected biting

Muzzle Training:

  • Muzzles – when to use and how to train acceptance

Reactivity Training On-Leash:

  • Management – avoiding triggers
  • Utilizing a fake dog
  • Reactive training – train on the go
  • Reactive training – set-ups
  • Reactive training – creating positive associations
  • Using dogs for set-ups (what dogs to use and how to recruit them)
  • Reactive training – using behaviors incompatible with reactivity
  • Reactive training – loose leash walking past triggers
  • Reactive training – leave it
  • Using toy rewards

Reactivity Training in Other Situations:

  • Fence fighting
  • Reactive behavior in vehicles


  • Puppies and spooky barking – (socialization and building positive associations)

Additional Topics/Concepts:

  • Reactive behavior Q&A
  • Warm-ups in training vs. cold trials
  • Proofing behavior – taking training to its completion
  • Keeping records – journal of progress
  • How and when to let dogs greet

Training Terms:

  • Dictionary of training terms