Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs

Trainers who use unsafe training techniques (force-training, balanced training consisting of harsh corrections, usually with but not limited to choke chains, prong collars, and remote shock collars), often times spread disinformation. One of these core messages they use to discourage people from using positive reinforcement training methods is the claim that reward-trainers kill dogs. ThisContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs”

Fatal Dog Bites

Fatal dog bites are very rare, but obviously worth attempting to prevent if possible. Factors thought to contribute to human fatalities from dog bites include: Genetic predisposition Male gender Intact reproductive status Poor health Late and inadequate training and socialization Lack of supervision Defense of territory or puppies Hunger Predatory experience Pack-dog experience Age SizeContinue reading “Fatal Dog Bites”

Dog Bite Prevention

Introduction to Dog Bites: The good news about serious dog bites is that they are a relatively rare occurrence, and deaths resulting from them are even rarer, especially considering just how many pet dogs exist. In the USA, 40% of households have a dog (Mills, 2017, p. 391). Dr. Ian Dunbar, who created a DogContinue reading “Dog Bite Prevention”