Notes for Pierce’s Article About Ultrasonic Devices

This is a very good article by Jessica Pierce: “Are Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices Really Safe and Humane?“ One point of correction at the end of it: their following statement is incorrect. “Food treats are good to start with but as training progresses your dog should recognise verbal praise and a pat as a treat.”Continue reading “Notes for Pierce’s Article About Ultrasonic Devices”

I Tried It, But It Did Not Work

Intro There’s a common phrase in dog training: “training is simple but it isn’t easy.” When broken down into larger functions, we are rewarding behaviors with treats and toys (sounds pretty simple), but in order to correctly train solid behaviors long-term we need to have a broad knowledge of concepts including topics like biology andContinue reading “I Tried It, But It Did Not Work”

Transparency in Dog Training

This is an excellent video by the Academy for Dog Trainers illustrating the state of the dog training profession and how to choose a professional trainer that will help rather than hurt your dog. Here is an example of appropriate answers to the three questions: What exactly will happen to my dog when she getsContinue reading “Transparency in Dog Training”

Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs

Trainers who use unsafe training techniques (force-training, balanced training consisting of harsh corrections, usually with but not limited to choke chains, prong collars, and remote shock collars), often times spread disinformation. One of these core messages they use to discourage people from using positive reinforcement training methods is the claim that reward-trainers kill dogs. ThisContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement Training Saves Dogs”