I Tried It, But It Did Not Work

Intro There’s a common phrase in dog training: “training is simple but it isn’t easy.” When broken down into larger functions, we are rewarding behaviors with treats and toys (sounds pretty simple), but in order to correctly train solid behaviors long-term we need to have a broad knowledge of concepts including topics like biology andContinue reading “I Tried It, But It Did Not Work”

Puppy Socialization for Halloween

Pre-Halloween In the days leading up to Halloween complete your normal, daily puppy socialization activities. Expose your puppy to positive experiences with other puppies, friendly adult dogs, things/objects in the environment, veterinary procedures and gentle body handling, etc. Two main socialization strategies to apply: Habituation – allowing your puppy to view and experience things passively,Continue reading “Puppy Socialization for Halloween”

Dog Walking Equipment

Harness and Leash I always recommend dogs walk with leashes attached to body harnesses – generally attached to the clip on the dog’s back, in addition to training calm walking behavior with rewards; or you can attach the leash to the front clip over the dog’s chest. This can help decrease pulling behavior, but theContinue reading “Dog Walking Equipment”

Is Treat Training Bribery?

Correct training utilizing treats as rewards does not equal bribery. Here’s why. In order to teach dogs behaviors some form of motivation is required. Breaking this down into larger groups the options are: the carrot or the stick, or a combination of the two. The so called “stick” is motivation by application of harsh punishments.Continue reading “Is Treat Training Bribery?”