Raymer Family Dog Training News: March 2020

My dog, Mocha, turns 10 years-old this month. In honor of her, I’m creating a coupon for our online Dog and Puppy Training Class. Use the button below to enroll in the class with $50 off during March: Here are the class details. The class includes: puppy class material, obedience behaviors, tricks, solving ordinary behaviorContinue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training News: March 2020”

Fatal Dog Bites

Fatal dog bites are very rare, but obviously worth attempting to prevent if possible. Factors thought to contribute to human fatalities from dog bites include: Genetic predisposition Male gender Intact reproductive status Poor health Late and inadequate training and socialization Lack of supervision Defense of territory or puppies Hunger Predatory experience Pack-dog experience Age SizeContinue reading “Fatal Dog Bites”

Training Methods to Use

Introduction This List will be updated occasionally to cover the most current dog training methods. There will also be further explanations for dog training concepts in the future. Overall Methods to Use Positive reinforcement training – rewarding dogs for desirable behavior in order to increase the probability they will perform that behavior again. Reward-based trainingContinue reading “Training Methods to Use”

Training Methods to Avoid

Introduction This article consists of a list of dog training techniques to avoid using. It will be updated as needed to cover new training methods. The word “aversive” is a scientific concept from the psychology field. Aversive stimuli (or things) are anything dogs want to avoid because they are startling, scary, or painful. When aContinue reading “Training Methods to Avoid”

Why Dog Training Methods Matter

Depending on how many dog articles you read, you might come across explanations for the use of positive reinforcement training for dogs quite often. There is a very good reason for this. The current dog training profession is not regulated, meaning there are no required certifications to practice as a professional in the field, andContinue reading “Why Dog Training Methods Matter”