Raymer Family Dog Training: Fall News 2021

CLASSES Online dog training classes for pet owners are now available through Dog Training + dogtraining-plus.com TREATS We have created a new page that has treat recipes and some of our recommended treats that work well for training. link to page here (or you can find it in the header above). October 31 Happy Halloween!Continue reading “Raymer Family Dog Training: Fall News 2021”

Crate Training Success

Hayley recently had surgery to remove a lump. Veterinarians advise keeping dogs calm after surgeries, allowing rest in order to fully recover from the process. Because Hayley had crate training experience since she was an adolescent, she enjoys resting in her crate and could handle the extra post-surgery time in there without fear. The crateContinue reading “Crate Training Success”


Three core steps to house-train your puppy or dog. 1. Reward First, in order to increase the desired behavior (your puppy eliminating outdoors), you will need to reinforce the behavior. Accompany him outside and praise and reward with a treat after he goes. It’s better to wait until he finishes completely, otherwise your praise mightContinue reading “House-training”

Training Methods to Use

Introduction This List will be updated occasionally to cover the most current dog training methods. There will also be further explanations for dog training concepts in the future. Overall Methods to Use Positive reinforcement training – rewarding dogs for desirable behavior in order to increase the probability they will perform that behavior again. Reward-based trainingContinue reading “Training Methods to Use”

Training Methods to Avoid

Introduction This article consists of a list of dog training techniques to avoid using. It will be updated as needed to cover new training methods. The word “aversive” is a scientific concept from the psychology field. Aversive stimuli (or things) are anything dogs want to avoid because they are startling, scary, or painful. When aContinue reading “Training Methods to Avoid”