Training Treats

Tuna Fudge or Chicken Fudge:

Click the picture below for the recipe.

Fig and Tyler:

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Packages Store Treats:

In general softer treats are better for training, since they can be eaten quickly and broken into smaller pieces for multiple training repetitions. Later, once dogs have learned new behaviors, you can also give them harder types of treats as well.

  • Buddy Softies
  • Zukes
  • Wellness
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Fruitables (both their soft and harder treats can be broken into smaller pieces)
  • Newman’s Own – beef jerky
  • Nutro (their hard treats work well and can be broken into smaller pieces)
  • And similar kinds

If dogs eat kibbles for meals, you can also use some of these mixed with treats.

Fresh Foods:

For higher value treats use:

Hot dogs, cheese, meat (plain without salt/additives) such as hamburger, turkey, chicken, steak, ham, etc.

Some dogs enjoy other treats such as carrots or cheerios.

You can also check with your veterinarian for ideal types and amounts of each food/treat to allow your dog to consume.